Your A1 Sports Massage Company  Only 10 Minutes From Tauranga Cities CBD, 20 Minutes From Mount Maunganui.

 A1 Sports Massage Therapy Treatments cover a vast range of Massage Modalities; Our Professional Sports Massage Practitioners will help you choose the best Sport Massage Treatment, customized just for you. From our Specific Sports Focus Massage, Remedial Massage, Soft Tissue Release, Fascia Release Massage, Deep Tissue Release Massage, Zone Massage for Immune Support.

Have your A1 Sports Massage during your Training/Conditioning Phase, Pre/Inter/Post at your event, Recuperation, Maintenance and Jet Lag Massage post travel.

The Therapeutic and Medical benefits of Sports Massage are fully recognized with athletes at all levels, The weekend warrior playing sport to keep fit, or competing at club - international level.Prevent future injuries, improve the efficiency of your body.. If you're serious about your Sport, Massage is for you.                                   

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