As cyclists are in a constant bent over position, the neck, shoulder region are under extreme state of tension and stress. Also associated aches and pains with cycling such as: Numbness in the hands and forearms, stiff upper and lower back, gluteal region, feet and legs.

A1 Sports Massage focuses on your: Neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, quadriceps, iliotibial band, gluteal region, hamstrings, calves and feet.

Field & Court Sports

The demands on the body are similar to those on runners, however additional considerations too encourage recovery, or to prepare the muscles for additional effort. The demands on the body are similar to those on runners but with additional considerations and extra attention from the Massage Therapist to encourage recovery, and to prepare the muscles for additional effort according to the clients indication.

A1 Sports Massage focuses on your: Feet, arms, quadriceps, iliotibal band, hamstrings, buttocks, lower back, neck, chest.

a1 sports massage - bowling

Common causes of injuries are falls, overexertion, repetitive bowling movements and being struck by a bowl. Fall injuries usually occur when a player either falls backwards over a bowl; steps forward over the ditch, rather than sideways when crossing onto the green; or delivers a bowl with incorrect balance..                                                          

A1 Sports Massage would focus on your: hands, forearms, shoulders, upper/lower back, legs, calves and neck.


With Running, exceptional stress can be exerted onto your lower body muscles from the almost constant use of yourhips, legs, feet,  also your back, shoulders, neck and hands. 

A1 Sports Massage recommends regular massage to prevent over use injuries.We will focus on your; calves, upper legs, hips, glutes,  hands, lower/mid back, shoulders, neck and your arms.


Power comes from a combination of the body twisting around a slightly moving pivot point, and the arms and hands swinging up and around on the back swing, and then down and around in the forward swing. All of which occurs in the space of about a second..In golf power comes from the hips.

A1 Sports Massage will focus on your Hands, Forearms, shoulders, feet, gluteal and the lower back region.

Weight Lifters/Cross Fit/Body Sculptors

The physical effects of massage therapy can greatly improve a weightlifter's health and lifestyle by alleviating pain and reducing potential for injury in several ways. The ultimate impact of sports massage therapy is to increase the health of the body's internal tissues by improving circulation of blood and nutrients, while simultaneously removing toxins.  

A1 Sports Massage would recommend a full body massage as part of your weekly/monthly maintenance cycle.                                                                                                                                                                                     


A young gymnasts muscles can often get shorter and develop collagen, scar tissue build up and adhesion from the enormous amounts of stress placed on their bodies. It greatly reduces a natural range of motion and can lead to injuries.

A1 Sports Massage will concentrate on your neck, back, shoulders, legs, feet and lower back.

Surfers, Kayaker's, Rowers & Paddle Borders

Paddlers can experience overuse injuries of tendons in the hands, wrists, shoulders and forearms. Treating with massage the entire body will encourage recovery of the muscular system as a whole.

A1 Sports Massage Will concentrate on your; hands, forearms, shoulders, back, neck, chest.

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